How to calculate the percentage of raw score for SMLE

How exactly the percentage score is calculated in the SMLE?


So after examination the score you get is known as raw score.This result is converted between 200 and 800 in a standardized scale.The equivalent percentage of the weighted score SMLE

How much is the passing score of SMLE?

The passing score is 560 in the standardized scale.

Why use scaled scoring?

Because the scaled scoring is used as a best practice for reporting high stakes licensing exam scores to manage the potential differences in difficult across unique forms.

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How SMLE passing scores set?

Experts will set a minimum level of competence required for passing the examination after evaluating difficulty of each question.


How to calculate percentage of weighted score for SMLE?

1.Visit the link:

2. You will see exam type and score.

3. You need to choose exam type from list(SMLE,SDLE,SNLE), enter your score.

The equivalent percentage of the weighted score

4. Click on calculate,you will see equivalent percentage of your weighted score.


The equivalent percentage of the weighted score SMLE(SCFHS)