Al rajhi Bank swift code information

This post is all about info related to Al rajhi Bank swift code information.These code you need to use in order to transfer money between banks especially International wire transfers.Al rajhi Bank swift code information

What is a swift code?

Swift code is basically an international identification code for banks while we send money worldwide.
It is also known as Bank identifier code(BIC). This code consist of 8 or 11 charectors.

What is Al rajhi Bank swift code?

The Alrajhi Bank swift code is RJHISARI.



In RJHISARI the branch code is last 3 letters”ARI”
This swift/bic code referes to Bank head office in Olaya Main Street.

Alrajhi Bank head office Riyadh address:

Alrajhi bank
head office
akaria 3,olaya main street.
Post/zip code 11495.