Al Mubasher retail registration:Step-by-Step Guide(2023)

Al mubasher retail registrationAl rajhi bank is one of the most popular bank in Saudi arabia.You can open an online account(Al Mubasher retail registration) with al rajhi bank in 5 minutes.


This post will explain to you how to register it online. This can be done by iqama holders of any professions in saudi arabia. The following things are needed.

1.Absher registration.

2. Saudi national address registration.

There will be a Visa MADA card issued by the alrajhi bank and you can take a print from a alrajhi bank self kiosk machine in 5 minutes.

Step By Step Guide How To Open Online Banking With Al Rajhi Bank(And Get Al Mubasher Username)

1.Go to Al rajhi website link>Online account opening service-Al rajhi mobile<

Choose “skip to web account opening”.

al rajhi e banking

2.Click tick mark on agree to the terms of current account service opening of e-service with Alrajhi.

Enter your Nationality,Id type,number,mobile number ,title, email id ,expected maximum amount of transaction per month, your monthly salary, your passport number,employment status,your job category,employer name and job title.

e bankng alrajhi

online account opening alrajhi

Click next button to proceed.

3.You can open the account even without visiting the branch only if you are registered in the absher having a current national address registration. Click the yes button.alrajhi national adress verification

You will receive a verification code that you need to enter.

alrajhi bank otp code

4.Enter personal information:

Marital status:single and Place of birth country:India.

5.Enter national address:


Central region

Al riyadh

Al Rawabi



6.Enter address in home country (special for non saudis).

Enter country city street name postal code etc.

7.Enter details of branch to open account

Enter your information: Riyadh

Al Riyadh

Badr branch male

8.Enter your financial information.

Enter primary income: Salary

Do you have any accounts with other banks? Click I do not have any accounts with other banks.

If yes,enter details(savings account, account number,choose bank,account purpose).

Do you have any other nationality that request tax disclosure? I do not have any nationality subject taxation.

Purpose of opening account: personal Expected average balance per month:less than 50,000

Click next.

9.Enter username and password.Click next.

10.Click on submit application.It will direct you to the national access website (NAFATH). You need to enter the absher username and password.

11.Enter username and password in NAFATH website,enter OTP.

12.In new window you can see all your information with your new account in al rajhi such as account number,iban number, customer cic, membership number, al mubasher username.


13. You can take print of your Al Rajhi MADA ATM card visiting any self service kiosk in special bank locations.

14.You can download the Al rajhi mobile application for >Android<as well as >iOS<.

You can now perform all your banking needs using Alrajhi mobile application or web online,except in some cases you need to visit the branches.

Any queries please post in the comment section.