Saudi MOH Stressed About Wearing Masks And Social Distancing In Mosques

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Call, and Guidance emphasized the need of taking preventative precautions against covid-19, including as maintaining social distance and wearing masks.


As new variants emerge across the world, The Ministry is regularly revising the recommendations in regard to the covid-19 measures.

mosque saudi arabia


The ministry has requested imams and preachers to educate the public about the necessity of maintaining public health, as well as the preventative steps and directions that worshipers must follow.

The Ministry furthermore stated that anyone who do not follow the guidelines should be reported to the Ministry’s Beneficiary Support Center -1933.

Recently, Saudi Arabia discovered a potential mutating strain of covid known as “Omicron” in a citizen, which tightens the restrictions against covid-19,advising individuals to wear masks and keep social distance.


It is also required for all citizens and residents to receive a booster dose (third dosage) of the covid immunization.