Umrah visa online- fees rules and requirements-check status

1.What is Umrah and when it will perform?



Umrah is an Islamic pilgrimage per formed by muslims around the world to Holy City of Mecca located inside Saudi Arabia. Muslims can perform Umrah at any time of the year.

2.How to apply for Umrah visa?


If you want to perform an Umrah you need to contact your nearest approved Umrah travel agent.

3.What are the requirements of the Umrah visa?

Following are the requirements for issuing an Umrah visa.

1.You need to complete the original Umrah visa application. If your name looks like a non Muslim name you need to submit a certificate from nearest Mosque or Islamic Centre stating that you are Muslim.

2.A Recent passport size photo.

Your passport should be valid at least for 6 months from the submission of the Umrah visa application date.


check my Umrah visa fees online

3.Confirmed airline ticket up and down.


4.Women and children should be accompanied by her husband or father aur a male relative(mahram).


5.A Relationship proof should carry out the time like marriage certificate birth certificate of child. Muharram need to travel in same flight with wife and children.


6.If the woman is more than 45 years old no need of mahram if she Travels with a Umrah group. She need to submit a notarized no objection certificate from Muharram.

7.If the applicant is away from the country he or she applying from he need to submit his residence permit along with the application.


8.Vaccination certificate against meningococcal meningitis needed.


4.Which vaccination I need to get before performing Umrah?


You need to get meningococcal meningitis vaccination before performing Umrah. The vaccination certificate validity must be less than 3 years and not less than 10 days prior to Umrah.

You need to carry this certificate on entry to Saudi Arabia.


5.What will be the cost of vaccination for Umrah?


The cost of  meningococcal vaccination will be around 315  Saudi riyals including VAT.(hajj vaccination cost)


6.What will be the validity of Umrah visa?


Saudi Arabia announced that they will issue Umrah visa for 30 days. Initial 15 days you can perform Umrah and visit Mecca and Madina.


Next 15 days you can visit any cities of Saudi Arabia.These movements are considered as Saudi Arabia’s major steps in boosting tourism and non oil economy.


7.What are the travel restrictions to Umrah performer?


According to Saudi Arabia latest statement you can visit any cities inside Saudi. You can contact your Umrah operator and ask for extension of Umrah visa.


They will apply to ministry regarding this plan.


8.How much need to pay for Umrah visa?



If you are a first time Umrah visitor to Saudi Arabia, no need to pay any fee.

If you are performing Umrah for the second time, then you need to pay 2000 Riyals,if you had a Umrah last 24 months.


In other words you need to put a two Hijri years gap in between to avoid 2000 riyals fee.


9.How to check my Umrah visa fees online?


You can check your Umrah visa fee status online by visiting maqam portal


Following are the steps.


1.Visit the link to maqam portal-


2.Choose your nationality,enter your passport number and image code.Then click on search.


3.It will show whether you need to make a payment for Umrah visa or not.


Following are the screenshots:-



umra visa online e visa maqam portal saudi arabia 2

umra visa online e visa maqam portal saudi arabia 4

10. How to get list of approved Umrah operators inside Saudi Arabia?


1.Go to the link in maqam portal-



2.Choose Umrah operator name and search.


umra visa online e visa maqam portal saudi arabia 7

3.You can see the details of umrah operator.

11. How to get information regarding approved Umrah travel agents my country?


1.Go to link in maqam portal.

2.Click on travel agents.


umra visa online e visa maqam portal saudi arabia 5


3.Choose your country and city. Click on search.


You can see information regarding nearest travel agent in your area.


You can see email details as well as contact number. Just make an appointment for Umrah booking.


12.How to do Umrah booking online?


The ministry of Hajj and Umrah recently launched a e portal for all the foreign pilgrims. it’s known as Maqam e portal.


ATTACHMENT DETAILS maqam-eportal.png February 6, 2019 21 KB 580 × 238 Edit Image Delete Permanently URL

Anyone around the world can pick a Umrah package before entering into Saudi Arabia.They can compare the services digitally before their trip.

It is mainly aimed on Muslims travelling from non Muslim countries. It’s very difficult for them to get information regarding the umrah pilgrimages in their country.

13.Which all languages included in Maqam e-portal?


It has following languages: English Arabic and French.


14.What are the steps for booking Umrah packages?

1.Visit Maqam e portal-


2.Choose your country.

3.Select your arrival date.

4.Choose your Umrah operator.

5.Enter the image code and click search.

It will show a bunch of options like you can choose room category in Makkah and Madina.

umra visa online e visa maqam portal saudi arabia 10

Also choose total duration of stay in both Holy cities. Choose Umrah operator and external agent click on search.It will show hotel details total duration etc.

On the right side you can see how much you need to pay. Now the prices are so attractive 682.5 Saudi Riyals per adult.

Saudi Arabia have the big plan to bring 30 million Umrah pilgrims by 2030, which is one of the important goals of Saudi vision 2030.