Storage space running out oneplus 5 how to fix


After using oneplus 5 phones for long time many users starts to get some kind of messages like storage space running out.Later it will be difficult to receive messages emails to download apps etc.

This post will help you how to to fix this issue.

Storage space running out,what exactly is the problem?

Apart from your normal usage a lot of files will be stored in another folder known as recycle bin, where lot of junk files get accumulated and drain your space.Storage space running out

Just like in Windows computer on speed delete a certain file it will go to recycle bin. So in this case we need to find the folder and delete it.

Following are the steps to remove the error message

1.Go to your Oneplus 5 file manager


2.Click on Android Folder

3.Latest choose data.

4.Click on

5.Select files

6.Then click on recycle bin.

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Inside the recycle bin you can see lot of files. You need to to delete all the files from the folder. It will immediately remove the error message of storage spaces running out.