SCOT Saves Lives of 13 Saudis through Life-Saving Organ Transplants

The Saudi Center for Organ Transplantation (SCOT) has announced a significant contribution to the health of the country’s citizens through organ transplantation.


The center reported that the organs of six brain-dead individuals were successfully harvested and transplanted to 13 citizens suffering from organ failure.

This achievement is a remarkable testament to the importance of organ donation and transplantation in saving lives.

The SCOT team performed kidney transplant surgeries on five patients suffering from hepatic failure, a condition in which the liver cannot function correctly, and three lung transplants for citizens with pulmonary insufficiency, which is a condition that prevents the lungs from working correctly.

These surgeries have given a new lease on life to the patients who have been suffering from organ failure.


The Director General of the SCOT, Talal Al-Qoufi, stated that the center received consent from the relatives of the six brain-dead individuals to harvest their organs for transplantation.

This highlights the importance of raising awareness about organ donation and transplantation, as it is the gift of life that a deceased person can give to another.

Al-Qoufi also confirmed that the distribution of organs was carried out in accordance with medical ethics to ensure a fair distribution based on medical priorities.

This approach is essential to guarantee that the organs are given to those in urgent need of transplantation, ensuring that the allocation process is transparent and fair.

The SCOT’s achievement is not only a medical success, but it is also a tribute to the generosity of the donors and their families who decided to donate their loved ones’ organs.


It is also a reminder that organ donation is a selfless act that can give a second chance at life to those in need. The center has expressed its gratitude and appreciation to the deceased’s family members for their generosity and support.