Saudi Arabia’s annual revenue is expected to reach one trillion riyals next year


Saudi Arabia’s annual revenue is expected to top one trillion riyals next year. Experts said that the new sectors should provide more investment and production opportunities.Saudi arabia will issue event visas soon to boost tourism

The rate of unemployment in the country is set to decline next year.Currently, the Saudis ‘ annual revenue is 978 billion riyals. It is anticipated to reach one trillion rials next year.

New sectors such as mining, tourism, industry and logistics have greater investment and production potential.
The unemployment rate in the country is expected to fall from 12.5 percent to 12.1 percent next year.


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In the first quarter of this year, 105 billion riyals was given to small and medium-sized private sector companies. This will help the GDP to grow by 20%.

This year, non-oil earnings will grow by 2.4 percent. It was 1.7 percent last year. It is expected to increase to 2.7 percent next year.

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Four per cent of Saudi exports rose. Saudi has a surplus of 27.8 billion riyals, according to this year’s first annual report.