Saudi Arabia ranks third in 5G network expansion

Saudi Arabia ranks third on global charts and is ranked first in Europe, the Middle East and North America (MENA) when it comes to 5 G working in tablet with 5g network


In the world of fast connection and quick data transfer, nobody wants to compromise with speed. Slow speed can also result in huge losses. The world is experiencing the speed of 4G right now. But, that’s not the end, its the high time now for next-level connectivity.

The work to establish fifth-generation technology is getting fast. More than 5,797 towers have been set up till far over 30 cities to spread the 5G network in Saudi Arabia.

Kingdom’s Vision 2030

To achieve the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, this reflects the significant development made by the Kingdom’s communications and information technology sector in boosting the digital transformation.

When we see this data on the bigger picture, we will notice that this is a massive achievement in terms of technology in Saudi Arabia. As Kingdom’s vision of 2030 is, we see that by every passing day, this is getting closer and closer. It will bring a massive revolution in the field of Information Technology in Saudi Arabia. 

5G revolution

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology strove to bring 5G technology to the Kingdom and thus to make it one of the pioneering countries to launch this service in the Middle East and North Africa region countries.

In regions like the Middle East, Europe, and North Africa, this is the revolutionary step. The benefits of this cause will be experienced worldwide.

To launch this service of 5th Generation connectivity Saudi Arabia has proved how pioneering the country it is. It will always welcome new and innovative ideas that may bring any revolutionary change.

Kingdom launched commercial service of 5G in 2019

During the second half of 2019, the Kingdom launched commercial service of 5G, after its participation in the meetings of the International Telecommunication Union and the 3GPP standardisation organisation to ensure support for the 5G technology for available frequency bands in the Kingdom in addition to the World Radio Conference 2019 (WRC-19).

It proves that every step takes very carefully. The launch of the commercial service of 5G during mid-2019 ensures that how fast the work done and the amount of hard work put up in it.

The Internet of things (IoT) soon

For modern like smart cities, digital homes, connected vehicles, and many other applications with different requirements, the 5G technology of mobile networks has brought about a qualitative leap in the services provided and is a significant possibility. The thought of IoT is not a dream anymore.

The time is not far when every home, every person will use IoT for their day to day tasks, and this can be done more efficiently with 5th Generation technology.

5G network will be ten times the speed of the 4G network


The 5G technology characteristics are to provide unprecedented speeds with exceeding the speed of data to 10 times the reality of the fourth-generation networks in the world of mobile networks and providing short response time for immediate applications, along with the ability to use a vast number of devices.5g networks

So at one time, you can connect many devices, and your speed will not get slow. In simple terms, the speed of the 5G network will be ten times the speed of the 4G network, so you will experience another dimension when it comes to downloading a movie, videos, etc.


At the same time, it provides many applications that cannot obtain through 4G networks. The vast and applications which are not in the capacity of the 4G network that can easily be accessible to the user. 

Helped Haj and Umrah pilgrims

During the last Haj season, the ministry deployed, through 5G technology, applications that rely on this technology to serve Haj and Umrah pilgrims.

It made the service very easy that had to give to the pilgrims, and this haj season went the best one.

This is how 5G technology can help you in many different ways. It will make many things more comfortable and less time-consuming.

Telehealth including emergency services

This technology has an active role towards the technical transformation in the Kingdom and the empowerment of the fourth industrial revolution, and it will bring up huge profits for everyone involved in the business in the Kingdom and more capital to the Kingdom from outside the countries, as well as provision of telehealth including emergency service such as providing first aid under the supervision of a remote medical advisory staff during the phase of handling of the case, its diagnosis and description of treatment, and transfer to the hospital if it is necessary. This technology will help you even in medical conditions.

If someone needs emergency help or the first aid, then this technology can help doctors to treat remotely, not also being present on the scene, they can quickly boost the patients. 

5 G technology will improve Artificial Intelligence development.

This technology will add solutions by facilitating the use of artificial intelligence programs to be more reliable in analyzing data in any field, whether industrial, commercial, medical, or service to pilgrims, in addition to the areas of entertainment and sports.

Artificial Intelligence needs more and more improvement for now, and 5G technology can provide a long push in the success of artificial intelligence. 

5G technology IN local industries and smart factories

About the industrial field, the 5G technology will support building and developing the environment of local industries and smart factories, this meanSaudi Arabia ranks third in 5 G network expansions this will also give a bounce to the manufacturing industry as most modern technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, big data, augmented reality, and other technologies depend on instant and immediate communication.

As 5G will be the quickest mode of communication, it will help these technologies to get more and better. It will provide tremendous support in the functioning of these technologies.

More business and financial opportunities

In the commercial sector, the 5G technology will transform business areas into a digital world by connecting billions of devices online and opening more business and financial opportunities across the industry, this will give a boost to a new field of interest called digital marketing which again needs quick connectivity which will be provided by the 5G technology, and the functioning of digital marketing will get more and more advanced,  in addition to developing the e-commerce sector using augmented virtual reality to build a realistic shopping experience through virtual stores, as it contributes in developing the transportation industry and logistics services by connecting billions of Internet of Things devices and thus providing greater visibility and control over transport systems. Transport will get its best efficiency when it arrives with the digital form. The traffic, accidental emergencies, etc. will get a significant benefit of 5G technology.

faster data transfer for video and 3D-based games

The 5G technology will enhance the entertainment sector through developing augmented reality since it will make the data transfer very fast that the entertainment you seek will reach you without any interruption and virtual reality applications for video and 3D-based games that contribute to its development, the gaming industry will also get the benefits of this on a large scale.5g networks

In the sports sector, this technology will enable the construction of virtual world applications and smart and rapid communication to develop the sports technology industry. Sports will get more attractive than ever before for the sports lover.

So this directly means that games will also get a bounce from the 5G technology, and improvement in the field can be seen.

Improve the quality of every city

This generation increases the efficiency and development of smart city applications and solutions to improve the environmental, social, and quality of life aspects.

It can improve the quality of every city, which will name under smart cities. As making a city technically bright, it’s necessary to have a high-speed internet connection, and 5G technology will play a significant role in doing this. 


Internet of Things, virtual reality, robots, smart cities, and other future technologies

Through this technology, the Kingdom seeks to emerge as the topper among the countries in the region by activating this technology, through implementing many initiatives and early benefit from its gains by opening the field to many advanced technologies that are dependent on them such as the Internet of Things, virtual reality, robots, smart cities, and other future technologies.

5G technology will be like a gate that once gets opened, then many advanced technologies that are just in thoughts or on paper can come into reality.

Saudi Arabia is one of the emerging countries that is going to provide the best connectivity in the world and also going to make this revolutionary thought into reality until 2030. This will helps almost worldwide in the field of information technology.