Saudi Arabia soon to provide medical assistance to China

Saudi Arabia soon to provide medical assistance to China over coronaSaudi Arabia signed six contracts on Thursday to provide medical assistance to China as it attempts to combat the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19).


The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre (KSRelief) is overseeing the provision of assistance in coordination with the Chinese Embassy in Saudi Arabia.

It is a great cause when a country like China is facing a tough time. Coronavirus is not only harmful to China, but its threat is to the whole world once it gets spread. 

Will provide 1,159 medical devices

The project will provide 1,159 medical devices, including ultrasound machines, non-invasive ventilators, defibrillators, monitors, infusion pumps, injection pumps, and continuous renal replacement therapy.

These types of equipment will help China in many ways to fight against the virus. At this time, any help to China will be a great move. It will also result in a good relationship between both countries.

300,000 N95 covers and 1,000 other essential materials

Protective medical masks and isolation suits will also be provided, including 300,000 N95 covers and 1,000 other essential materials used in such crises since the virus is getting spread through the air. To stop this from spreading, these things are needed.

Step for a strong relationship between both the countries

“This initiative reflects the strong (and longstanding) relationship between Saudi Arabia and China,” said Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah, supervisor general of KSRelief. “The Kingdom strives to fight crises facing countries and communities.

It is always aiming to support stability and sustainable development around the world.” No doubt, these steps will help Saudi Arabia in the future to take the benefits of this relation.

The Kingdom will get every possible help from China in the future whenever Saudi needs it.

Al-Rabeeah told Arab News: “These six agreements to provide China with medical equipment, diagnostic, curative, and preventive supplies, and protective clothing, are all based on the request of the Government of China.


It confirms that China itself initiated help. Both countries came together with six agreements, which include every possible thing to destroy Coronavirus.

Immediate Response from the King 

“King Salman responded immediately, and the center managed to provide those supplies in a short time, at a time when most countries (are not able to do so), and these items will deliver within five days.” Saudi showed up a quick response towards the agreement. It started giving help as soon as possible.

On February 10, King Salman directed KS relief to do all it could to assist the Chinese authorities and provide urgent support.

Since China cannot take any delay, so it asked the help as soon as possible, and Saudi Arabia was standing with China.

No cases of novel Coronavirus have yet recorded in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Ministry of Health (MoH) has confirmed on Twitter that no cases of novel Coronavirus have yet recorded in Saudi Arabia and that precautionary measures are being implemented at all ports to prevent the virus from entering the Kingdom.

It means every entrance in the country has been under precautions so that the chances of getting the spread of this virus in any way becomes impossible.

In an emotional address, the Chinese Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Chen Weiqing said: “I (offer me) sincere gratitude.

Currently, the Chinese people are doing their utmost to fight against the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (NCP), and — at such a critical moment — King Salman telephoned President Xi Jinping, expressing his firm support and his instructions to KSRelief to provide emergency medical supplies to China.

These are the small-small things that are becoming moral support for China. I will help them for sure.

Need of getting united  

“This aid will surely bring a ‘timely rain’ to the medical staff and people in Wuhan and some other affected areas,” Weiqing continued. “It reflects the sincere friendship of the Saudi government and people towards the Chinese government and people.

It is you who brought love to the hearts of the Chinese people.” The scenario from Saudi Arabia is very decisive and overwhelming for China. This grand gesture of the country will always appreciate in the future.


He also stressed the need for the international community to act together in the best interests of everyone.

“Today, I come with a message of unity. In the era of globalization, public health security bears on the common destiny of humanity,” he said, adding that “solidarity” is the best way to face such medical challenges.

The message very strongly presented to the global community. It is time to get united for the survival of humanity.