Incredible Medical Team Saves Egyptian Pilgrim’s Life in Makkah

A 32-year-old Egyptian pilgrim was recently saved by the heroic efforts of the medical team at Makkah Healthcare Cluster.


The man’s heart stopped twice for a total of 27 minutes, leaving him in a critical condition due to severe shortness of breath.Incredible Medical Team Saves Egyptian Pilgrim's Life in Makkah

Thanks to the swift action and expertise of the emergency teams, the patient was transferred to the Haram Emergency Center where he received life-saving care.

Despite his heart stopping during the transfer, the ambulance team was able to perform cardiac resuscitation for an impressive 12 minutes.

Upon arrival at the Haram Emergency Center, the patient suffered another cardiac arrest, but the medical team didn’t give up.

They continued to perform cardiac resuscitation and gave electric shocks for an additional 15 minutes.


The patient was then given necessary clinical tests and radiology, revealing severe inflammation in his lungs and no regularity in his heart muscle.

The patient was immediately placed on a ventilator and admitted to the intensive care department of the hospital, where he received specialised care from the medical team until his condition stabilised the following day.

The treating team confirmed that, once the patient’s respiratory condition was fully stable, the ventilator was lifted and the patient’s vital signs returned to normal.

The patient is still under follow-up and treatment stages with the medical team until he is safely discharged from the hospital.

This successful case highlights the exceptional readiness of Makkah’s health facilities to provide top-notch services to visitors and Umrah pilgrims.

The highly qualified medical staff at Makkah Healthcare Cluster operates at full capacity to ensure the best possible medical care is provided to patients in critical conditions.

The heroic efforts of the medical team at Makkah Healthcare Cluster demonstrate the unwavering dedication and commitment of healthcare professionals, even in the most challenging of circumstances.


We can all rest assured knowing that the Makkah region has highly skilled and compassionate medical professionals who are ready and willing to save lives.