How To Consult Doctor Online Using Sehhaty App(2022)

You may have a variety of questions that you need to ask your doctor concerning your medical condition.


Using the Sehhaty app, you may arrange a consultation online.

Sehhaty is a fantastic app that allows you to consult your doctor online right away.

Your questions will be answered by the Ministry of Health Doctors.

The application is extremely beneficial for residents and citizens as we face the covid-19 pandemic, as it will aid in the administration of covid tests and vaccinations.


The following are the steps you must do in order to consult a doctor online immediately.

1.Download the Sehhaty application>HERE<

Go to services at the bottom of the screen,later on click on immediate consultations.steps to consult online doctor using sehhaty app

2.Click on Consult a Doctor option

3.Allow access to camera,microphone and files.

4.Write down the description of your medical condition.For eg:”I am suffering from generalised itching after vaccination”,”I feel dizzy today morning”


5.Click on Consult a Doctor now, soon you will be connected to this certifed MOH doctor.