How To Book Appointment For Early Detection Clinic Using Sehhaty App

You can now schedule a mammogram screening for breast cancer using your Sehhaty app.


Here are the steps to booking an appointment at the nearby government health facility.

Why do we need a mammogram screening?


A mammogram screening aids in the early detection of changes inside the breast in order to avoid the development of breast cancer.

It can be used as a screening tool or if there is a suspicion of a lump in the breast or other comparable symptoms.

How To Book Appointment For Early Detection Of Breast Cancer Using Sehhaty
1.Open Sehhaty app.Click on appointments.(Download link)

2.Choose book appointment.3. In this page you need to choose Patient name, breast cancer and early detection clinics by mammogram and health center name.Click on Next.4.You need to type a reason for appointment.Later click on save.5.In next to window you need to choose the date and time.Click next.

7.Later, you’ll see a window asking you to confirm your appointment. You need confirm it and visit the health care facility on time.


You may access your appointment details in the sehhaty’s main page in “upcoming appointments