American school of Dubai-A different world to live

The American School Of Dubai, is an independent non-profit school, up to 12 grade, which focuses on providing the students with the best of American study.


The school was found in the year 1966.  The school had recently received the award for sustainability effort. American School of Dubai from far

Facilities overview 

The American School of Dubai, us one of the oldest co-educational school at Dubai. The school offer the students with facilities like –

1.two swimming pools

2.toddler pool

3.two large outside playing fields with real grass

4.auditorium box theatre

6.field house

7.running tracks

8.shaded play areas

9.two libraries

10.two cafeterias rooms 

12.running and a lot more, which makes the school from one of the high fee structure schools. 

Three-fourth of the students come from States and Canada. The teacher – student ratio at the school is 1:10, with 188 teachers and 53 teaching assistants. The school runs five days a week, with student number increasing at a rapid pace, thus decreasing the student count at  other schools. After nothing the exponential growth of student count at the school, the authorities are planning to introduce a new building block.American School of Dubai running track

The school follows the US curriculum. The admission to ASD is granted by ASD admission committee, which allow the admission of a student after having a look at the admission requirements for the student on the basis of the grade seeking admission to and also after assessing the assignments too. 

Earlier, the school was known as Jumeriah American School, as it was located at Jumeriah before. 

School curriculum

The School follows a curriculum, which comprises of a programme of core, which is required as per the demand of subjects to prepare students for entrance into US colleges. Students also take few elective courses, which are designed to enhance the core programme and allow them to discover and nurture their unique abilities and interests.

Now, let us discuss few things about ADS in order to know the school better. The things we’ll be covering are as follows :

1.American school of Dubai fee

2.American school of Dubai reviews

3.American school of Dubai job vacancies 

4.American School of Dubai employment.

American School of Dubai sports

1.American School of Dubai fee 

The fee structure of the school is categorised into two types namely, Annual Fees and One-Time fees. Following are further subdivided as follows –

a.Annual Fee

    Facility fee


    Tuition fee

b.One – Time fees

    Capital fee

    Registration fee

    Refundable book deposit

    Medical fee

The annual fee is divided as facility fee and tuition fee, wherein the students from K2 to G12, who see none corporate seat holders are required to pay AED 12984, as the facility fee, which is used for the maintenance of school facilities.

The tuition fee for the students is as follows :

   K1  – 49225 (AED)

   K2 – 64683 (AED)

   G1-12 – 82581 (AED)

This tuition fee is used for educational programs, and a major part of it serves as wages for the employees.

The one-time fee of the school is divided as a capital fee, registration fee, refundable book deposit and medical care.  The capital fee is paid by all new students, who are non-corporate seat holders, which is AED 22000. The registration fee is a one-time payment for every new student which is AED 1000 and it is added to the fee only. The one-time refundable book deposit is AED 500, which is refunded to the parent when a student withdraws.  The medical fee is charged to all new students, which is AED 350.

As per the payment procedures of the school, AED 10000 has to be paid to the school once the space have been given, this non- refundable amount is paid so to ensure the seat booking, and it is kept until the tuition fee is paid.

The school have following payment plans available:

   1.Individual families 


2.American School of Dubai reviews 


The school is no doubt, considered as one of the best schools in the region, so here are some of its reviews.

1.“Best school in the region. Great teacher, community and facilities. Perfect institution but expensive.”

2.“One of Dubai’s old gems! Best American school in the region with a state of the art camp! If you’re lucky enough to get your kid enrolled here, you will never look back! “

3.“Love it! Best educators in the UAE – with compassion, attention to individuality, passion for teaching and advanced personal skills. I feel privileged to have our children at ASD.”

4.“ Absolutely a beautiful facility with wonderful teachers and very pleased with our granddaughters attend here.”

4.“ Excellent School”

5.“A productive and fun workplace.”

6.“A school to challenge and grow educators.”

7.“A very fun workplace with serious holistic child development.”

3.American School of Dubai Job Vacancies:

American School of Dubai far view

The current job openings of the school are :

  1.Elementary School Classroom Teacher

  2.Registered Substitute Nurse

  3.Substitute Teaching Application 

  4.Substitute Instructional Assistant 

The school expects the applicants to spend 60 minutes while applying, without any interruption.

The school will never ask candidates to send money for application fee, visa or tickets.

Neither they ask potential candidates to send bank details or something thing like that. 

4.American School of Dubai Employment 

The staff members of ASD have passion for the mission of the school, which is embrace  the core values and dedicate themselves to preparing more than 1,800 students to future ready. 


The school take care of the following listed of it’s staff:


    2.Worldwide Medical and Dental Insurance 

    3.Transportation / Annual leave allowances

    4.Shipping allowances 



ADS is the best school in the region with world-class facilities. The school adds up to a lot more facilities and requriements to the employees. The school have the best staff of its kind, with the top facilities, which comes along with a better and proper fee structure.